A Dry Spell In The Sex Department

Learn the top reasons and how to eliminate them all with a few easy methods

His fault, her fault the reasons just may surprise you after all. Experts in the field estimate there are 40 million Americans in what they refer to as a “sexless marriage” , it can also occur committed relationships too.

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Sexual Issue; Dry Spell Is effects in Sex Life

Having a regular sex life is good for the health. It helps to satisfy all kinds of needs and brings two people closer together.

Ok, so there is now this dry spell hitting and you have no clue why? There can be many reasons including weight gain and those annoying premenopause symptoms. So here are the top reasons developed by experts in their field for this dry run.

Your bedroom is looking like the office

Bringing work to bed or even our PDA is a fast turn off on either part. The bedroom is for sleep and sex, so leave the office at the office. It is pretty hard for anyone to get romantic when the other partner is busy with today’s news or checking their text messages. Leave all the gadgets, magazines, newspapers and channel flipping out of the bedroom. You could be surprised at the results.

Medications can hinder the sex drive

For example birth control pills, the wonder of science for women not to get pregnant however, they can steal your sex drive. Oral contraceptives contain estrogen, which in turn increases the production of binding globulin (SHBG) a protein sex hormone. SHBG can trap testosterone and affect your sex drive.

Blood pressure, anxiety, acid reflex and antidepressant medications can also affect your sex drive.

Talk to your practitioner about the side effects associated to sex drive with medications. For birth control you may want to try a method that does not consist of hormones like condoms.

You’re waking hours are just simply out of control

Working, cooking, car pools, and still running like mad at the night time hours. Those daily stresses can set off a domino effect of hormone changes.

Let’s face it who wants to schedule at time to have sex with our partner. Talk about boring, dull and routine.

Shift your gears. Set a time limit to all of life’s craziness. Unwind from it with a bath consisting of aromatherapy oil such as lavender which is very relaxing.

Body Shape

Women who are overweight or noticed their shape has changed from pregnancy or laws of nature just d do not see themselves as sexy.

Ask your partner if you likes your shape. Face it men give compliments especially when it comes to how we look. Those compliments really do make us feel good to hear them.

Losing weight simply makes a woman feel like she is sexy. Even just a few pounds has worked. Exercises such as cardio and aerobics are great shape shifters.

That premenopause cycle

Just before we get hit with menopause are hormones begin to shift, estrogen becomes decreased which brings up physiological changes which makes sex as appealing as doing ten loads of laundry on the hottest day of the year. Vaginal dryness issues occur producing pain during sex which ends up to no sex.

Talk to your practitioner about HRT (hormone replacement therapy) along with other natural alternatives that can help.

It’s the man’s fault

Here we thought men just would do it anyplace, anytime. Sometimes their motor stops. Feeling and emotions could be a big part of it. Take time to talk to one another. Without that standard accusation of are you cheating or who is he/she. It could be many simple factors like finances and being the man he wishes to solve it solely on his own.


We are on a two sided coin here. When us women feel down in the dumps we just prefer to be left alone. Antidepressants may help but can kill the sex drive. If you notice that when you started taking the medication your sex drive went down hill, talk to your practitioner for another medication or alternative therapies that may help.

Men to do suffer depression. The same reasons basically apply. Talk to your health practitioner before matters become worse.

Oh, that little blue pill

It may get him up and ready to go but can emotionally disconnect him. Talk to your partner and practitioner for other options which are available.

Too much time with Pedro?

Some women use vibrators which is perfectly acceptable but when you tend to favor vibrating Pedro over real live Juan problems ensue. Believe it or not some women get addicted to it. If you feel like you get more satisfaction from vibrating Juan than Pedro, maybe it is time you talked to Pedro and try something new and exciting that you both are comfortable with, this can range from massage lotions, to chocolate syrup to a new position.

Your just dam tired

Fatigue and aches and pains in the body from conditions such as fibromyalgia, anemia, diabetes and even rheumatoid arthritis just leaves no room for feeling sexually aroused.

Lose Interest in Sex

Talk to your practitioner. Some alternative therapies for pain with associated conditions like fibromyalgia have been demonstrated to help such as chiropractic and acupuncture. You may wish to give it a try.


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