Sex In The Hallway Causes Russian Woman’s Head To Get Stuck In The Railing

Yes, that title is correct; a Russian woman has recently gotten her head stuck in the railing of the stairwell of her apartment building while having sex with her boyfriend according to ProNews48.

Boyfriend Kidnapped Woman and Forced into Sex Work

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A 46-year-old from Lipetsk, Russia decided to move the sexual activities with her boyfriend from inside of her apartment to the hallway beyond her door. Completely naked, the pair engaged in sexual intercourse and somewhere mid-act, the unnamed woman’s head got caught in the railing.

Instead of staying to help his “girlfriend”, the boyfriend managed to get dressed and flee, leaving the butt-naked Russian woman on her knees, head stuck in the public foyer. Or maybe not on her knees, but you get the picture.

Sometime later that evening, a neighbor entered the hallway to find the woman naked and rail-ridden. She called the police who were able to cut the bars and free the nude woman’s head. Fortunately the Russian woman was not seriously injured, but undoubtedly has some other wounds to tend to.

Sex in a public hallway can now be crossed off the woman’s bucket list. Maybe next time she should try “Love in an Elevator”.

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