My ex and I split over the stress of fertility issues during lockdown. He was the love of my life but he couldn’t deal with me on all the hormones – and I was a nightmare, at the time, I didn’t blame him. Now just two years later, he’s moved on and had a baby with someone else. Why does he get a child and I don’t? Life is so unfair.

Leanne, Sunderland

You are right. Life can be terribly unfair. Horrible people lead glamorous guilt-free lives, and thoroughly decent folk end up struggling. I am so sorry your relationship didn’t survive fertility treatment, but it doesn’t mean you won’t meet and fall in love with someone else willing to stay the course. Do your utmost to get out and about. Squeeze all you can out of online dating. There’ll be plenty of frogs, but eventually your prince will come. Give yourself the best possible chance to find him. I wish you lots of luck and a thoroughly good time on your voyage of discovery. The British Infertility Counselling Association can also offer help


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