I lost 57kg eating schnitty

Ange was morti ed when she discovered just how big she’d really become

Slumping on the lounge, I reached for another Mars bar. Having just put my son, Jack, then four, to bed, I was exhausted. But I relaxed as the sugary sweetness melted on my tongue.

And it tasted so heavenly, I followed the chocolate with another one.

At 164cm tall, I’d never been slim or sporty.

In fact, I was what I liked to call ‘exercise allergic’.

During my pregnancy, I’d suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum – chronic, perpetual morning sickness, just like Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

After Jack was born,

I needed emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder.

Traumatised, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and sank into postnatal depression.

Medication helped, but the side effect was weight gain.

Coupled with physical exhaustion from being a new mum, food became my pick-me-up and my reward.

Out with my mothers’ group, I devoured chocolate cake and polished off two diet Cokes.

I often missed breakfast, grabbed a carb-laden sandwich for lunch, and binged on bowls of creamy pasta for dinner. During the day at my busy admin job, I continually snacked on biscuits and chocolate, too.

Always busy, and without scales at home, weight just piled on.

But, in May 2017, I was shopping when I couldn’t deny the truth any more.

As I tugged on a size 26 dress, it clung to my jelly belly and thighs.

Horri ed, I looked in the changing room mirror and could’ve cried. It was the biggest size in the shop. Enough was enough. If I didn’t lose weight, I might not be around to see Jack grow up.

At the GP’s, I clambered on the scales and gasped as the needle juddered at a whopping 142 kilos.

Otherwise healthy with normal blood pressure, I was shocked that my weight had got so out of control.

‘How do I x this?’ I asked. ‘Healthy eating and exercise,’ the GP said abruptly.

Easy for you to say, I thought, shaking my head.

When my husband and

I split that year, I was determined to take control of my weight and my life.

So in May 2018, I started using a meal replacement drink called The Lady Shake, as I knew they’d be handy to take to work.

Now I had nothing to lose but kilos!

I started with a yummy chocolate- avoured breakfast shake, and waited for my stomach to rumble with hunger. Instead, I felt strangely full.

So I started having a Lady Shake for breakfast and lunch, then ate a normal chicken stir-fry and vegetable dinner.

Slowly, as the weeks passed, I realised I could t my ngers under the waistbands of my trousers.

At the pub for dinner with some girlfriends one night, I feasted on my favourite chicken schnitzel, but swapped the hot chips for salad. I could still enjoy my favourite pub grub and kick the kilos!

Soon, I had more energy to easily chase Jack around the park.

As the weight continued to come off, I began walking a few times a week.

Suddenly, my size 26 tops were apping loosely around me.

A clothes lover, I hit the shops again, in April 2018, and whooped when I could easily t into a size 20!

At a GP check-up, I was ecstatic to see the scales register 110 kilos – I’d lost 32 kilos!

Never one to hit the gym, I pounded pavements with friends instead, and soon weight was dropping off.

When I looked for a swimsuit, I tugged on a size 16 and fought back tears when it tted.

In October 2018, I took Jack to Singapore. As we jumped on theme park roller-coasters, I realised that I could easily t my bottom in next to Jack. Before I would have needed both seats for myself!

Next, we rigged up for ziplining at an island resort off the coast of Singapore.

The old me would’ve broken the line with my huge weight. But as I zipped over the jungle treetops with Jack at my side, the smile on his face was priceless.

‘This is awesome,’ Jack cheered when we landed on the beach.

Thrilled, I knew we were building memories that I never could have imagined before. It spurred me on.

‘Why don’t you play ve-a-side soccer with me?’ a friend asked in 2019.

I nervously agreed. Amazingly, running around like a lunatic for 90 minutes was the most fun I’d had in years. So I started training and playing weekly.

‘Well done, Mum,’ Jack cheered.

I even joined a modern dance class with friends.

Wiggling my now much slimmer hips to Beyonce, I was amazed by how much fun it was.

Back at the doctors in

December 2019, I was stunned when the scales read 85 kilos. I’d lost 57 kilos! Rushing to the shops, I cried as I slipped on a pair of size 14 jeans.

In May 2020, I was thrilled to win a competition by The Lady Shake and receive a Tiffany bracelet. I still drink a Lady Shake for breakfast, along with a healthy, balanced lunch and dinner.

Even more amazing, they featured me in an advert.

These days, I’ve got a new size 14 wardrobe and I’m a healthier, happier me.

I work for Northern NSW Football, and referee matches when I’m not playing myself.

But best of all, I feel like an even better mum to Jack.

‘You’re such a fun mum,’ Jack says. It’s the best compliment I’ve ever had.

Now I’m making new memories and I’m feeling better than ever. ●

I’ve got a new size 14 wardrobe


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