Is liminating sugar from your diet starting today possible?

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the answer is NO Hyperglycemia refers to high levels of sugar, or glucose, in the blood and when medical persons informs the patient that he or she has hyperglycemia they say sugar diabetes ,How does it happen that people from different careers, families, age, race, culture but have same disease called sugar diabetes?

Is liminating sugar from your diet starting today possible?

The answer is that all processed food that a common person buys from local retail stores and consumes daily ,this food has sugar almost all of them, including food that is not suppose to contain sugar like soups, canned beans, macaroni etc, what happens is that a person would eat processed food as breakfast that has sugar hidden in it and lunch time the same person will consume processed food with sugar hidden it and supper will be processed food with sugar hidden it eventually glycemia( sugar) rises beyond required level it becomes hyperglycemia and destroys glands that produces insulin hormone which regulate sugar.

Does Food manufacturers show t consumers that all food contains sugar?

the answer is yes, but they don’t use common English word that a layman will know that all processed foods contain sugar and consumers continuously consume processed foods from birth to old age ,becoming diabetic eventaully, some consumers will be suprised that why they have diabetes while they don’t take sugar, the answer is that this non scientific consumers do not know that they eat hidden sugar in processed foods from retail stores.

Reduce food with glycemic carbohydrates.

Eventually the body shuts down and stops functioning normally

Frequent hunger, Frequent thirst, increased volume of urination ,Blurred vision, Fatigue, Restlessness, Weight loss ,Poor wound healing, Dry mouth, Dry or itchy skin, Tingling in feet or heels, Erectile dysfunction, Stupor, Coma, Seizures


Get up and walk. A little moderate exercise, especially after meals is a terrific way to work off cravings, and excess calories. It helps you to sleep at night and keeps your digestion moving.

Eat a “green meal” every day. That’s right! Lots of fresh greens keep you going and they’re the best for the fiber and the digestive replenishment your body needs. Try to eat at least one good serving of (approved) greens every single day.


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