Thyroid can lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Question : I have a thyroid problem and want to know if this will affect my sex life? Does it cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction treatment in India


Yes. Theoretically speaking it can lead to Erectile Dysfunction. However, since your thyroid gland is malfunctioning we have to find out whether other Endocrine (hormone) glands are also malfunctioning. Many hormonal imbalances can induce problems of erection.


I am 54 years old and my wife is 43 years old. We both enjoy oral sex. We swallow each other’s secretions. Is this an unhealthy?


As long as you two do not have any diseases (like Hepatitis B, HIV etc) which can be transmitted through genital fluids, you need not worry. Also make sure that you both keep your mouth and the genitals clean by adequate personal hygiene measures.

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